Church Council

Executive Committee

President: Tami Dahl
Vice President: Austin DeMuth
Secretary: Rolly Muller
Treasurer: Paul Freeburg
Past President: Karl Porisch

Education Committee

Heather Rokeh
Alyssia Coudron
Jessica Moriarty
Nikki Gehrke
Tanya Freeburg
Julie Kuecker

Outreach Committee

Nichole Reaves
Lori Folk
Lisa Henning
Dennis Jensen
Dealyn Rose
Katie Eulberg

Property & Management Committee

Lee Raske
Eric Miller
Mark Jensen
Jim Fischer
Eric Bly
Chad Buchert

Social Ministries Committee

Dorothy Krogen
Anna Stensrud
Chris Fischer
Karen Murphy
Nancy Blanchard

Stewardship Committee

Kevin Reese
Stacy Frost
Pam Russell
Bruce Remme
Cliff Carmody
E.J. Moberg

First Lutheran Women

Corlys Knutson
Dawn Planting

Worship & Music Committee

Brian Kruse
Rosie Sorum
Diane Taylor
Ed Henning
Denise Schneekloth
Elly Sprik

Youth Committee

Denise Schumacher
Caryn Douglas
Kevin/Karyn Groenewold
Bill/Becky Weber
Eric/Karla Luther
Kristi Radtke

Personnel Committee

Tami Dahl
Karl Porisch
Karen Bierman
Sonya Kayser
Austin DeMuth

Finance & Audit Advisory Committee

John Marshall
Eric Myhre
Paul Freeburg
Pam Russell
Eric Miller
E.J. Moberg

The Church Council meets the 2nd Tuesday of the month at 7:30pm. All church council members are assigned to a specific committee as well as serving on the full council.